“Hosted+On-Premises” Delivery Model

March 25, 2015

ICG Consulting is excited to release a new and improved ‘hybrid’ hosting solution for our vendor management and AP Automation solutions. Our new delivery model will meet the growing need for a “Hosted + On-Premises” software delivery model by helping maintain data security and minimize IT costs. We understand that many businesses need a way to host […]

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ICG Consulting Celebrates 25 Years!

March 13, 2015

Wow, how time flies by. ICG Consulting recently celebrated it’s 25th anniversary (or birthday depending how you look at it) on March 13, 2015. That’s right, ICG became a company in 1990 and has been going strong ever since, serving leading companies by providing world-class financial back-office solutions. Recall some of the other big happenings of 1990… The […]

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