2017 Procure-to-Pay Trends

2016 has been a busy and transformative year in the Procure-to-Pay space.  Consolidation is starting to take shape in an otherwise fractured market.  Larger companies are starting to shift behavior from buying point based, best of breed solutions to more ubiquitous end-to-end enterprise solutions.  Much like we saw with the ERP market when it went through a similar transformation several years ago, several manifestations emerged:

  • Small and mid-size companies didn’t participate at the same levels;
  • Companies with complex processes or supply chains required high levels of customization;
  • The promise of “out-of-the-box” rarely materialized;
  • Major functionality gaps existed after the implementations were complete.

This is not to say these large, enterprise procure-to-play platforms do not have value.  In fact they may deliver a great deal of value out-of-the-box.  In almost all cases however gaps remain.  How you close that circle and manage those gaps will determine the ultimate success of your procure-to-pay efforts.
Companies like Dot Foods & Duke Energy have filled those critical gaps the enterprise systems have not addressed by using business process solutions from ICG Consulting.  Contact us and see how ICG can help you close those gaps and reap the financial rewards.

Posted on November 30, 2016