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About ICG Consulting

ICG provides business process solutions that automate back-office transactions & enable vendor self-service in a cloud hosted model.

Our company has a long established reputation for our expertise in business process automation, advanced technology, and systems integration. We address complex workflow and business process problems that out of the box packages cannot. Our business process solutions are flexible, configurable and can address your organizations unique requirements.

ICG clients stay with us for years and our team averages over 10 years with the company allowing us to deliver consistent world-class service and solutions.

ICG Has Decades of Expertise

We help customers & vendors to communicate, collaborate and transact.

Our comprehensive cloud-based solutions make your day-to-day more effective and efficient. Get back office software that conforms to you (and not the other way around).

Since 1990 ICG has been a trusted partner to leading companies helping them to increase efficiency, streamline processes, and boost their bottom lines.

Our deep expertise lies in understanding complex business processes, high volume transactional systems, and vendor management challenges.  Our cloud hosted solutions are designed to save companies money – often millions of dollars. We accomplish this by automating and simplifying, utilizing solutions such as (and not limited to):

The ICG Advantage: People, Process, Technology.

β€œTo a man with a hammer, everything looks like a nail.”

Mark Twain
What ICG Consulting does, our service list

Our deep well of experience and platform-agnostic approach (see selected past clients here) gives us a higher vantage point from which to assess your business processes. You need a solution that prioritizes your business processes above all else, and is customizable in just the right places.

Here is a tricky situation you may be familiar with: Looking for an expert and getting very confident ideas but in completely opposite directions. If you asked consultants, they would typically recommend changes to your people and processes at a high level. But if you asked a technology firm, they would likely shoehorn in their own preferred products, regardless of whether the solution really fit your processes or not.

At ICG we assess people (culture), processes and platforms, giving you the best of all worlds and we welcome the existing technology that your back office operations are built on. (Read more about our ERP-Agnostic approach here.)

Our Process

Whether you need a vendor onboarding system or ap automation solutions, you can be certain that ICG will:

  • Focus on making your people and processes work more efficiently across your entire enterprise
  • Deliver cloud hosted, single tenant solutions that are both cutting-edge and proven
  • Provide a high level of business process expertise and experience, ensuring that best practices are being used
  • Minimize your risk and save time by leveraging existing processes and technology wherever possible

Our Team Makes All the Difference

What sets us apart from many of our industry peers is that our team is tight knit and has an average of 10+ years with our company. Many came to us from companies just like our client partners, with deep knowledge of the business processes in place.

It’s not much of a secret: ICG’s people are why our client partners stay with us and frequently implement additional ICG solutions in multiple operational areas. We provide world-class solutions backed up by extensive expertise and miles of real-world knowledge.

The same people who are involved in the sales process remain involved in the implementation and ongoing relationship with our client partners.

There’s nothing quite like providing customizable high-ROI solutions and working with excellent people (both you and us!). If you’re looking for a process & technology partner who will bring the attention and experience your organization deserves, then you need to get in touch with ICG.