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Automating Millions of Vendor Invoices Per Year

Click the Play button to hear an interview with Misti Holland, the AP Manager at Love's who discusses the challenges and successes of Love's A/P systems.

  • Over 220,000 Transactions Per Month totaling over $315,000,000 in Spend across more 5,500 users
  • One toolkit with AP Workflows for different types of transactions including Repair & Maintenance, NonPO (Indirect Spend), PCard, Out of Pocket Expenses, and Inventory
  • Post-audit automation facilitates 100% validation of nearly 100,000 Store goods invoices each month using 4 resources
  • Information/Document Capture tools include EDI, Email, paper, and other electronic submissions
  • Integrations with SAP, OpenText, Service Channel, Agility and Bank of America
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Founded in 1964 and headquartered in Oklahoma City, Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores has more than 39 unique companies, with over 500 locations across 41 states all who use various applications and workflows provided by ICG. Love’s has a highly sophisticated AP Automation and Workflow system with customized routing rules that range from the simple to more complex based on Love’s specific needs.  Love’s processes over 350,000 Non-PO invoices a year through ICG’s Approval Workflow system.  The invoices are obtained via EDI, Email, and Paper which are all imported assembled and imported into the Workflow system utilizing ICG’s advanced Data Capture and Document Assembly solution. Love’s also utilizes ICG’s online PCard and Out of Pocket Expense Report Tools. These applications allow employees to submit online Expense Reports that contain PCard Transactions, Out of Pocket Transactions, or a hybrid of both.  Specific rules have been implemented which allow for automated calculations for transactions such as mileage rates and per diem allowances.  Love’s currently processes close to 500,000 PCard transactions per year for 2,300+ card holders and over 100,000 Out of Pocket transactions annually. In addition to the types of AP transactions mentioned above, Love’s was also looking for a way to streamline the matching process for invoices associated with their Tire Care business.  ICG configured an additional workflow with automation to pair invoices received in from vendors via EDI against order data received from Love’s systems.  By implementing this technology Love’s only requires 3 FTE to handle processing of over 45,000 transactions on average each month. This automation requires integrations across numerous systems including the Love’s SAP ERP Platform as well as OpenText, their document management system.   Some of the other automation includes interfaces with Bank of America and Service Channel as well as customized integrations with some of Love’s other systems. Love’s is currently in the process of implementing Vendor Portal and Vendor Onboarding solutions from ICG. Click on the audio link above to hear an interview with Misti Holland the AP Manager at Love’s who describers their systems and some of the challenges they faced.  Visit Love’s and see what they are up to!

Visit a Love’s Travel Stop & Country Store today.  Click to learn more about Love’s Travel Stops & Country StoresClick on audio link above to hear an interview with Misti Holland, AP Manager for Love’s who discusses the challenges and successes of Love’s AP systems.

A Vastly Improved Process: Better Tracking, Fewer Touches, Less Paperwork, Greater Transparency, & Improved Turnaround Time.

Dot Foods Wins the 2013 Innovation Award With ICG's Partnership

  • Award winning supplier portal and workflow management
  • Dispute resolution in far less time
  • Complete vendor self service environment
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Dot Foods engaged ICG to design and deliver comprehensive vendor portal solutions where suppliers (manufacturers) and customers (distributors/food service) can access data, view payment status, download documents, request information and submit disputes relating to their transactions.  Utilizing ICG’s supplier portal and workflow management technologies, Dot Foods and their suppliers and customers can enjoy an efficient, friction-less process and data gathering in a self-service environment.

This state-of-the-art supply chain transaction portal not only saves all three parties time and money – Dot Foods, the supplier, & the customer – it speeds up the resolution of disputes and frees up capitalContact ICG today for more information or to request a demo of ICG’s supply chain solutions.  Visit Dot Foods website and see what they have to offer!

Dot Foods is the largest food redistribution company in the United States.

AP System That Cuts the Process Cycle in Half

  • 50% improvement on invoice process cycle times
  • 80% cost reduction in costs associated with A/P
  • Over $1MM in annual savings
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ICG helped Duke Energy realize an acceleration of their AP centralization of 86 locations, while also garnering a 50% improvement on invoice process cycle times by implementing our comprehensive suite of AP Automation and Workflow Management solutions. Our consulting and best practices services in training and research times associated with AP transactions helped reduce costs in this area by over 80%. This contributed to an overall savings of over $1MM annually.  After the initial AP Automation implementation Duke Energy made several large acquisitions of other utilities and absorbed that processing into their centralized processing with very little added AP cost.  ICG has since added a number of complimentary solutions to further Duke’s vendor self-service initiatives including Vendor Portal for invoice submit and payment inquiry as well as a robust RFQ and Purchase Order Dispatch and Update application via the supplier portal.  Contact ICG today for more information or request a demo of our comprehensive business process solutions.  Visit Duke Energy website to learn more.

Duke Energy serves 7.2M residents over 250K miles of power lines.

Streamlining Years of Multi-System Back Office Processes

  • Standardized and centralizing processing infrastructur
  • Comprehensive AP Automation suite and workflow and business rules processing
  • 45% improvement in processing efficiency
  • Over 1M invoices annually
  • No staffing increase despite additional AP processing
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International gaming and hospitality company needed to centralize the distinct Accounts Payable processes from their various resort and hotel properties and casinos. ICG assisted in standardizing and centralizing their processing infrastructure, complete with our comprehensive AP Automation suite of solutions including our workflow and business rules processing. This resulted in a 45% improvement in processing efficiency on over 1M invoices annually and they were able to take on a major acquisition without increasing staff for AP processing.  After implementing the AP automation for all their PO and non-PO based accounts payables we implemented a vendor portal to begin the process of transitioning non-value add activities back to the vendors.


Big Results Across The Entire Back End

  • Automation reduces invoice touching by 70%
  • 65% of vendor disputes handled through portal instead of phone calls
  • 35% improvement in support costs
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We assisted US Foods in centralizing their A/P, A/R, and Credit & Collections functions. The net result was a 300% increase in processing workloads without adding any staff. This increase in production was coupled with a marked decrease in cost per transaction (from $4.50 per transaction to under $1.20). Today 70% of their vendor invoices are processed without human intervention and as a result, corporate interest earnings improved by $6-7MM.

It doesn’t end there. After a 300% increase in processing efficiencies across various back-office functions, USF turned its attention on increasing self-service functionality for its 40K+ vendor population. Within one month of launch, 7000 vendors were on-board with an astounding 65% of disputes being entered via the A/P portal instead of through time-consuming phone calls (this will work out to over 700,000 vendor inquiries in this year alone.) As a direct result, the A/P supplier portal we implemented has delivered a 35% improvement in support costs.  Visit US.Foods website and see what they are up to today.

US Foods serves over 250K customers from 60 locations.

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