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MGM Resorts International logo

Streamlining Years of Multi-System Back Office Processes

MGM Resorts International needed to centralize the distinct A/P processes from their various Las Vegas properties and casinos. We standardized their entire processing infrastructure, complete with our composite applications. This resulted in a 45% improvement in processing efficiency on over 1M invoices annually.

The famous Bellagio hotel.

US Foods logo

Big Results Across The Entire Back End

We assisted US Foods in centralizing their A/P, A/R, and Credit & Collections functions. The net result was a 300% increase in processing workloads without adding any staff. This increase in production was coupled with a marked decrease in cost per transaction (from $4.50 per transaction to under $1.20). Today 70% of their vendor invoices are processed without human intervention and as a result, corporate interest earnings improved by $6-7MM.

It doesn’t end there. After a 300% increase in processing efficiencies across various back-office functions, USF turned its attention on increasing self-service functionality for its 40K+ vendor population. Within one month of launch, 7000 vendors were on-board with an astounding 65% of disputes being entered via the A/P portal instead of through time-consuming phone calls (this will work out to over 700,000 vendor inquiries in this year alone.) As a direct result, the A/P supplier portal we implemented has delivered a 35% improvement in support costs.

US Foods serves over 250K customers from 60 locations.

Ecolab logo

Automated Inventives for Distributors Ecolab hired us to improve the management and processing of sales-based rebates with their distributors. By redesigning the logistical work processes and adding new technologies, we were able to improve Ecolab’s rebate cycle times by 20%, while simultaneously decreasing the error rates of inaccurate rebates. This directly translated to a $3M increase in annual revenue.

Energy laboratory at one Ecolab facility.

Dot Foods logo

A Vastly Improved Process: Better Tracking, Fewer Touches, Less Paperwork, Greater Transparency, & Improved Turnaround Time.

Dot Foods engaged ICG to design and deliver a comprehensive portal solutions where suppliers (manufacturers) and customers (distributors/food service) could access data, download documents, request information and submit disputes relating to their transactions.

This state-of-the-art supply chain transaction portal not only saves all three parties time and money (Dot, supplier, & customer), it speeds up the resolution of disputes and frees up capital.

Dot Foods Wins the 2013 Innovation Award With ICG’s Partnership

Dot Foods is the largest food redistribution company in the United States.

Duke Energy logo

An A/P System That Cuts the Process Cycle in Half

We helped Duke Energy realize an acceleration of their A/P centralization of 86 locations, while also garnering a 50% improvement on invoice process cycle times. Additionally, training and research times associated with A/P transactions were reduced by over 80%. This contributed to an overall savings of $1MM annually.

Duke Energy serves 7.2M residents over 250K miles of power lines.

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