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PO Flip – Back Office Word of the Week 4/15/19

PO Flip

A PO Flip, is essentially a conversion of a purchase order into an invoice. Usually done electronically or through an automated solution such as a Vendor Portal or Supplier Portal.  In a PO Flip scenario the vendor would enter a PO number into a web form and the the buying company’s systems would return the line item data associated with that PO and populate the invoice web form. The vendor can then selected the line items from that PO and create an electronic invoice if the details match. One of the benefits of PO flip is that once the electronic invoice is submitted a match is automatic and no further human intervention is required for the invoice to be paid. An Accounts Payable Automation (AP) solution along with a Vendor Portal will facilitate PO flip. PO flip is also a great way to improve the accuracy and decrease the cost of Data Capture by eliminating the need to key in invoice and PO line data. For more information or a demo of how PO flip works contact ICG Consulting today!

Posted on April 15, 2019