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AI-Powered Contextualization: Elevating the Value of OCR Data

Optical character recognition (OCR) can extract 98% of invoice data, making it a powerful tool for companies looking to save time and money on data capture. Unfortunately, the raw output of OCR lacks contextual understanding, often leading to potential misinterpretations and errors. Leveraging AI to contextualize OCR-extracted data is essential to unlock all the possibilities of OCR. 

In this white paper, we’ll discuss: 

  1. What is OCR contextualization and why does it matter? 
  2. How to ensure your software solution maximizes contextualization 
  3. How achieving a high contextualization Score leads to improved OCR accuracy overall

The benefits of the contextualization of OCR data cannot be overstated. AI-enhanced OCR is always learning, improving, recognizing patterns, and turning digital data into actionable insights. 

Download the white paper to learn more about contextualizing OCR data and how it can benefit your company.