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Data Capture, More Than it Appears

When the subject of data capture comes up inevitably the conversation turns to OCR. The ubiquitous technology that extracts data from scanned or text based images has been around for many years and indeed plays a large role in the data capture universe. But a mistake many companies make is that they become too focused on OCR as an end all tool. The result of this over-reliance is frustration at are not seeing the efficiencies and economies that were promised. The fact is, many large capture operations, particularly focused around AP Automation, have either rejected or abandoned OCR in their operations and are achieving high levels of efficiency and cost savings. Three such examples are a large distribution company, a vast hospitality conglomerate and a nationwide retail and services company, all processing in excess of 2 million invoices per year with efficient data capture without the use of OCR technology.

This blog is not intended to bash OCR, it has its place in a well thought out data capture program. The intent is to point out that reliance on this technology alone to provide big results often leads to big disappointment. The fact of the matter is a high level of efficiency and accuracy in data capture can best be achieved by deploying multiple technologies and processes, of which OCR may be a component, just not the only component:

If you are disappointed in the results, or lack thereof, in your data capture operations perhaps you are too reliant on OCR. Take a more comprehensive look at data capture and design a program that will deliver the results of other high volume operations as mentioned above. For more information schedule a demo or discussion or contact ICG today.

Posted on January 31, 2020