Quickly Transition Your Team To Remote

Our configurable solutions can be rapidly implemented to equip your workers with the tools they need to process transactions and manage vendors from any location.


Don’t Sacrifice Functionality for the Cloud

To take advantage of all the benefits of hosting an application in the cloud, you do not have to compromise functionality or configurability. Let’s talk about how to do this with single tenant cloud solutions.

What is SaaS?

Most business applications in the cloud today are offered as Software as a Service (SaaS). SaaS is built on the basis of multi-tenancy, which is a fancy way of saying that many different people from many different companies share that same application. While this works just fine in many areas of your business, there are certain applications that do not lend themselves well to multi-tenancy. For instance, accounts payable, or AP, can be a simple application for some, but in many industries or high transaction volume operations, there are many nuances and process specific differences that make a multi-tenant cloud offering much less efficient.

Single Tenant Cloud Solutions

For applications like Accounts Payable AP, vendor onboarding, supplier onboarding, vendor management, vendor portal, supplier portal or complex workflow processes, a single tenant cloud hosted solution may be the answer.

Single tenancy offers the configurability to address your unique and specific needs. That is because in a single tenant cloud hosted solution, it is just as if a solution were designed and implemented on your servers on-premise, except that same solution is hosted in the cloud with all the same benefits of low IT overhead, lower operating costs and greater uptime. And because only your organization is using the solution, enhancements and upgrades specific to your business can be addressed in days, not weeks and months.

Single tenant, cloud-hosted solutions may be the answer to lowering your costs while not sacrificing important functionality or configurability for your organization. Contact ICG today for a discussion or demo on how to host your applications in the cloud.

Posted on April 24, 2019