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Filling the Functionality Gaps in Your Legacy Systems

Large enterprise solutions like those offered by ERP platforms or the many large cloud based solution providers can offer broad based solutions to companies that address many of their general business functions such as HR, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Payroll, Procurement, etc..  What companies are finding however, is that while these systems provide lots of value, they also leave behind gaps of functionality that may seem small but none-the-less can have significant downstream impact. Having the enterprise application provider, or one of it’s consulting partners, customize an application to fill these gaps can be cost prohibitive and not offer the speed of deployment and cost/benefit ratios you are looking for.

Some of the business process areas where we have found these functionality gaps are in applications such as Vendor Portals (supplier portals), Vendor Onboarding (supplier onboarding), Diversity – compliance, tracking and reporting, Dynamic Discounting (supply chain finance), Workflow, AP Automation and Data Capture & Document Assembly to name a few. Targeted, cloud hosted solutions can offer very flexible and specific functionality to fill those gaps in your processing environment. And these applications can be implemented rapidly without the need for slow and expensive customization to your legacy systems.

For over 30 years ICG Consulting has been providing solutions that address those functionality gaps as well as offering applications that fit in those odd shaped business boxes that the enterprise applications weren’t designed for.  Whether it is a complex systems environment requiring multiple integrations or a challenging business process that is causing undo inefficiencies, large enterprise systems often require very expensive and time consuming customizations to address those “outside-of-the-box” issues.  And maintaining those customizations can be the gift that keeps on giving as each time the enterprise application is upgraded, those customizations must be upgraded as well.

If your organization has financial back-office systems and processes that don’t fit neatly in a box, ICG may be able to provide the kind of solutions that fill the gaps left by your enterprise applications. Contact ICG today for more information or request a demo of one of our world-class cloud hosted, portal based solutions.

Posted on July 15, 2020