“Hosted+On-Premises” Delivery Model

ICG Consulting is excited to release a new and improved ‘hybrid’ hosting solution for our vendor management and AP Automation solutions. Our new delivery model will meet the growing need for a “Hosted + On-Premises” software delivery model by helping maintain data security and minimize IT costs.

We understand that many businesses need a way to host their vendor management software in such a way that keeps data housed securely on premise without requiring extra costs for infrastructure maintenance and IT support.

The new hosting model will utilize “on-premise hosting” for ICG’s software and system integration to support their solutions. However, ICG will maintain infrastructure, provide support and update software. If you are looking into back-office automation, our new delivery model is a considerable incentive to begin implementing AP/AR automation processes. We are excited to offer a solution that will help our clients start saving costs without adding any security risks or increased IT overhead.

ICG’s full line of software delivery models will include the following:

  • On-Premises + Hosted by ICG: On-site solution that is maintained by ICG, providing added security while decreasing overhead required for IT resources
  • Cloud Hosting: Single-tenant, SaaS type model
  • On-Premises: Traditional project-based model where solutions reside on client maintained servers and infrastructure behind the firewall

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Posted on March 25, 2015