It’s All About Vendor Self-Service

Vendor self-service is hardly a new concept, it has been discussed and gained some traction with actual applications and solutions available in the market place.  But why hasn’t full scale, full featured procure-to-pay vendor self-service taken off?  There are two main trends we can see that have kept adoption levels down: lack of comprehensive, portal based applications that deliver a full function solution; and large investments in enterprise ERP platforms that don’t have the flexibility out of the box to deploy a robust vendor self-service program.

Portal based vendor self-service solutions should be modular in design yet have all the necessary functions to deploy a full featured solution over time.  On-boarding, invoice presentment, payment inquiry, vendor information management and so much more can be part of a well designed vendor self-service program.  And the benefits are enormous!  Labor savings, clean accurate data, transparency with your vendor community, reduced risk, and more efficient processes are just some of what you should expect.  So if you are looking to implement a vendor self-service program in your organization, contact ICG and we can show you how. CONTACT ICG

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Posted on May 3, 2016