Millenials in the Workplace

Brace yourselves, Baby Boomer generation, the “Millennials” are coming. That’s right, there’s a newer age generation coming into the workforce. They are coming in fast and with new perspectives and skill sets than their baby boomer predecessors.

This new workforce generation is being referred to as the “Millennials” and they have many needed skills that are in demand nowadays. You read that right employers and managers, don’t pass up these new workers just yet.

Let me explain the skills a Millennial has to offer. Millennials are “tech savvy” (yes, the most obvious first). They have grown up around technology and are conditioned to be constantly keeping up with the newest technology trends – things like computers, entertainment systems, mobile phones and all the applications that are always changing and improving to support these information delivery devices – you know, like the latest cell phone you just bought two months ago, but there’s already a newer version coming out next month.

This generation is used to change, and they are fast learners. That is a big plus for organizations, especially in the dynamic environment we operate in!  More over, they are always connected to social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube and are constantly staying up with the newest trends.

These skills provide organizations with a workforce that is much more pliable and ready to adapt to the constantly changing corporate technology environment. Additionally they can help the company know what the people want, what they are interested in and where the next wave is coming from.

Corporate America is just beginning to realize the power of social networks and how they can leverage social media to connect with customers, prospects, suppliers and workers. Who is better equipped that the new generation of workers to take these organizations in the next phase of the information age.

So, baby boomers, don’t panic. Embrace these new people coming into your organization, and figure out how to navigate in this changing world, because ready or not, change is coming.

Posted on August 8, 2014