National Read A Road Map Day


Today is a day to stop,  take a look, and analyze a road map.  It is a day to ask yourself questions about where you are and where you are going.  Where do the wondrous roads lead?  Who could I take on this journey with me?  What new and existing adventures lie ahead?

Stopping to read a road map has many translations.  It could mean to stop and examine a map that takes you on a journey across the country. Reading a road map could mean taking time to ponder your personal life.  What roads did you take to get you where you are today. However, it could also translate into something more powerful that can be imagined by you, your department, and your company.

In today’s world, businesses need a roadmap for strategic planning.  You may be just the individual who can help your organization plan for the future.

Begin by asking yourself…Where do the wondrous roads lead?  What are our company goals and objectives?  Have we been on the same path for years?  Are we making positive steps forward?  If not, what other paths can we take?  Is it time to stop, make a turn, and explore other options?  

Next ask yourself…Who could I take on this journey with me?  Are you able to implement the changes solely?  Will your team be on board to help assist you? Do you need to call in an outside resources to help improve the new course that you are about to embark?  

Finally, ask yourself…What new and existing adventures lie ahead?  Do you have an opportunity to replace outdated technology and processes?  Are you embarking on a new and exciting way of thinking at your firm?  Do you have the initiative to take on new projects?  Do you want to help your company become more efficient and cost effective?  

If these questions excite you and you are looking to embark on your own professional roadmap then give us a call.  At ICG we help to dramatically improve your bottom line by optimizing business processes and implementing technology that complements existing processes.  Together we create a road map for your organization to help drive you through the future.  

Posted on April 5, 2016