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Cloud Hosted Solutions

One size does not fit all! In an ever-changing technology landscape, we are pleased to offer the latest secure cloud hosted delivery solutions.

  • Single tenant model – for those whose applications or business require single tenancy
  • Multi tenant model – cost effective solution for many of customer, your application, your data
  • Data redundancy capabilities that cloud is famous for
  • Best uptime & surge-time performance
  • Rapid deployment – instantly scalable
  • Fast data transfer from anywhere in the world
  • Enhanced security though AWS and Sysdig, our security partners
  • Reduced IT overhead – human and capital resources

Predictable Monthly Costs with No User or Transaction Fees

We offer several cloud hosted tiers (dependent on processing capacity and dedicated vs shared clusters) to best fit your processing and security needs.

Our Single Tenant Promise

It’s not enough to only “be in the cloud”, you need the the assurance of a single tenant solution if your application, environment, or security protocols require that level of exclusivity. ICG offers secure, robust single- tenant deployments as well as multi-tenant options for all of our customers.

Partnering with ICG you can be sure that:

  • Your application and your data is never shared with or accessible by any other entity!
  • You are not “one of the masses” using an app, you are the ONLY one with access to your private cloud-hosted solution suite
  • Our solutions are fit to you and adjusted as needed, no waiting on a major release that “works for everyone on the platform”
  • Your recurring costs are straightforward and without waste
  • No limits or additional costs based on number of users or transactions, all solutions based on a fixed fee.

Software as a Solution or ICG’s version of “SaaS” has become the new standard for fast startup with little capital outlay. Our cloud hosted SaaS solutions are designed with the right blend of configurability (where others fall short) and ROI (where fully-custom struggles).

We take SaaS to a new level by offering both the software and fully integrated business solutions delivered together, as a one cloud hosted service. Whether you choose our Single Tenant or Multi Tenant experience, you will receive a high level of attention & the targeted customizations that we are known for.

A cloud based solution designed just for your company will address your unique business process without the need for you to change to “fit the software”.

Cloud Hosted Flexibility Meets Your Needs & Your Budget

Cloud hosted back office solutions.

Our cloud hosted model delivers the performance and unique solution you require on a very reasonable budget. We will assess with you the needs of your application, expected volume of data, user traffic, and other business and IT requirements. With this information in mind we will deploy your solution in a dedicated private server cluster with the required horsepower, redundancy, and security.

For some clients a leaner deployment is possible, and we can pool your cloud resources / memory allotments with others for less monthly spend. The flexibility of ICG’s cloud hosted solutions also offers a multi-tenant model which keeps costs low, but in all cases your application, content, and data are NOT shared!

All of ICG’s cloud hosted solutions, whether a single tenant, multi-tenant or a hybrid deployment, take advantage of the power of our hosting partner AWS (Amazon Web Services) with ICG managed dedicated or shared clusters based on need and budget.

Regardless of what delivery model works best for your solution, we offer fixed pricing that is set up so that you only “pay for what you use”.  You will incur no unexpected or variable billing items.  That is because there are no limitations or fees based on number of users (internal or external) or number of transactions

You know your costs up front, no surprises!  Whether it is a single focused solution like a Vendor Portal or Supplier Portal or a more comprehensive procure-to-pay solution, our flexible cloud hosted services will meet your needs.

Why Cloud Hosted Solutions as a Service

  • Rapid Deployment & Updates
    Our setup process is standard and requires no technical set-up (or lead time) from you. When you need changes or customization, we can make them in days – not months.
  • Single or Multi Tenant
    We host your company-specific functionality! You do not share a vanilla, out of the box solution designed for the masses.
  • Scalability
    Scale up or down quickly, without impacting your organization’s IT or disrupting your business process.
  • Flexibility
    No matter what tomorrow brings, you are ready to adapt.
    Modular solutions that can grow from simple to complex.
  • Hosted, pay-as-you-go model
    Allows companies to take advantage of world-class solutions without large capital outlays. No limits or fees based on the number of users or transactions.
  • Ease of Integrating
    The cloud deployed solutions integrate seamlessly with existing internal systems and applications.