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Vendor Portal Benefits

Scalable, adaptable, and customized.

Our customers and their suppliers enjoy many vendor portal benefits from our solutions. As a leading developer of vendor portals (supplier portals) for B2B transactions, here is what you can expect when partnering with ICG.

More about Vendor Management

Everyone Loves Vendor Portals

  • Increased Communication
    Be proactive in communicating with all (or a subset of) your current and potential vendors.
  • Messaging
    Powerful messaging capabilities allow your team to communicate in real time with your vendors.
  • Better Service for Vendors
    Answer vendor inquiries immediately and provide valuable information at the click of a mouse. Your vendors become more efficient, stable, and responsive.
  • A Portal Focused on Your Actual Needs
    We develop vendor portals that adapt to your business processes, not the other way around!

Financial Vendor Portal Benefits

  • Return on Investment.  The biggest benefit of a vendor management portal is the ROI. In most cases the return begins immediately as labor intensive tasks are transferred from in-house to the vendor.
  • ERP Independent.  ICG is unique in that we work with your current platform – our software conforms to you and does not require a transition.
  • Added Functionality made Affordable.  Our vendor portals are developed to allow you to take advantage of, and pay for, only that functionality that you need.  If future business conditions warrant, you can add different pieces of functionality to your portal when you want.
  • Dynamic Discounting. For Vendor/Supplier/Payment portals, Dynamic Discounting can be a substantial profit and/or cash-flow center.

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Vendor Portal Demonstration

Walk through a vendor portal system with us.

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Technical Vendor Portal Benefits

  • Scalability 
    An ICG vendor management solution can scale from small to large in terms of functionality as well as transactional activity.
  • Adaptability
    Your vendor portal can adapt to both business growth and technological advances.
  • Cloud based
    Your vendor portal (supplier portal) will be hosted as a single tenant service. This means that your portal will looks and act the same as if it was on your servers.
  • Technology Independent
    We work with your existing ERP and back office applications.
  • Complete Administration Control and Security
    Our vendor portals and supplier portals include robust, bulletproof security. You control who gets in and how much privilege they have, right down to the individual user level.

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