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PO Dispatch & Update

Keep supply chains running smoothly!

Why You Need PO Dispatch & Update Automation

ICG’s PO Dispatch & Update solution delivers value, savings, and efficiency:

  • Automatically sends supplier a URL to view, communicate and take action on PO’s you issue
  • Reduces manual, non-value add activities in procurement and purchasing operations
  • Alerts you if supplier is not responding or taking action on a PO you issued
  • Sends supplier any updates to purchase orders
  • Request suppliers to logon and update the status of critical orders
  • Allows you to handle more work in less time
  • Promotes supplier self-service through a vendor portal (supplier portal) – a big win for your company and your vendors!

How PO Dispatch & Update Works

Purchase orders are created in the buying company ERP or procurement system and are picked up, or delivered to, (depending on integration methodology selected) the ICG solution. The application then matches the PO to the selling company and the contact who will receive the PO. That contact is sent an automated email which contains a URL link. The solution will record the date/time the PO was dispatched and a timer will record the time of delivery. The buying company can select the timing for the solution to launch escalations to notify contacts at both the buying and selling company to alert them in the event that a PO has been dispatch but no action has been taken, i.e., the link was never opened. Once opened, the link will direct the user to the PO where they can perform a number of activities: 1. acknowledge receipt of, but do no more; 2. accept the PO with all prices and terms; 3. reject the PO with a required explanation for the rejection. A message will then be sent back to the buying company contact, or queue, notifying them of the activity and any explanation as well as deliver any supporting documentation that may have been included. Any subsequent updates, revisions or releases made to that PO prior to fulfillment will automatically be dispatched in a similar process as described above.

Supplier Updates on Critical Orders

Some POs are for goods or services that are critical to the supply chain and any delays or deviations could have adverse consequences. ICG’s solution provides the functionality for the buying company to request updates on fulfillment of the PO. The seller would access the update request via a URL link and provide the requested update. Similar to the PO dispatch function described above, timers would escalate any non-response and any updates would be communicated back to the buying company via ICG’s solution.

Sample of buyer requested PO Update

Vendor Portal PO Dispatch & Update

Check out this video for a more detailed look at this solution or contact us for a personalized demo.

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ICG’s Vendor Self-service Solutions

Built with vendor self-service in mind, we’ll give you a system in which your you or your vendors can easily update their information via a vendor portal or supplier portal. Your cloud hosted vendor portal is highly secure and offer 24 x 7 access to your vendors.

Most importantly, our solutions are incredibly flexible and our great strength is the ability to expediently deliver a configurable solution that works for your process and culture.

As long-time experts in the field of business process automation, ICG has the experience of helping many companies streamline operations and drive efficiencies with our world-class portal based solutions. Some of our other solutions include robust tools like advanced workflows, data capture, vendor onboarding (supplier onboarding), AP Automation, spend analytics, dashboards, reporting, and dynamic discounting.

Delivery Models

At ICG Consulting, we offer a variety of Cloud Hosting options to meet your business, IT and security needs. Our ICG Cloud Hosting is a Single-tenant, SaaS type model which we host and manage for you in the cloud.

Our Cloud-Hosted Solutions

Choose ICG For PO Dispatch & Update

ICG’s PO Dispatch & Update automation solution, using our cloud-hosted, vendor portal platform, are technology-agnostic and can seamlessly integrate with your current systems and infrastructure. Our goal is to help you create a centralized, automated and standardized system that is optimized for your business and operates in conjunction with your existing processes. The benefits will accrue to your operation as well as assist your suppliers in providing the goods and services you need, when you want them! And all of your data and transactions are secure! ICG, along with it’s partners Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Sysdig, provides around the clock security, monitoring, and detection and response.