Recently converted to SAP?

Converting from one accounting package to another often brings with it a change in the structure of the Chart of Accounts.  This typically incurs a big operational and financial impact on any organization.  When the future state accounting package is SAP, that level of change is even more significant.  One of the steepest learning curves is making sure that internal constituents can accurately assign the correct and updated GL to their financial transactions.  An ICG customer using our AP and financial back-office solutions recently went through just this kind of a scenario when they converted from their legacy ERP to a SAP platform.  What they discovered was they were regularly struggling with accurately assigning correct and updated GL codes.  They asked ICG if there was any way to remedy this situation and make the GL coding process more efficient while simultaneously increasing accuracy?  

ICG responded to this challenge by developing a simple GL entry UI concept that can take the multiple facets of the SAP GL structure and streamline use for all.  Using terms related to business locations along with a robust full text search, users simply begin typing and are presented with possible matches that can then be used to populate the organization portions of the GL.  The user then begins to enter basic information about the transaction and a similar search is employed to derive the correct GL information including GL Account, Reporting Category, Tax Location, and Product Concept.  By providing two pieces of basic information, this new feature derives 4 – 7 pieces of information required by SAP.

As you can see this tool can offer tremendous help for those organizations who are still struggling with this process in their SAP environments.  If this sounds familiar to you, drop us an email at, or give us a phone call (480) 607-4027 to see how your organization can benefit from deploying one of ICG’s comprehensive financial back office solutions.

Posted on June 15, 2016