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Word of the Week: Document Capture

What is Document Capture?

Document Capture refers to software applications that automate the process of scanning paper documents or importing electronic documents.

ICG specializes in the Document Capture of invoices for Accounts Payable environments. There are four main types of documents captured in the AP world:

  • Scan/DATA Entry
  • Scan/OCR
  • Inbound EDI
  • Alternate Electronic Capture

The key to streamlining your document capture process in your AP automation system is developing a strategy that takes into account all of the different sources and documents you receive. Then, this system turns this information into a consistent and efficient process.

We turn everything incoming into actionable data for your back office. Our data & document capturing tool is designed to accommodate large AP operations who receive a wide variety of invoices/payment demands from multiple sources and in many formats.

The next step to an efficient AP environment is to assemble the documents that have been captured into a single, predictable format. A component of ICG’s AP Automation solution is the Document Assembly Tool aka DAT. This high level webinar shows the functionality of DAT or if you would like to learn more click here to set up a personalized demo for your organization!

Posted on October 7, 2019