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Vendor Self Service Portals

Vendor portals and supplier portals provide payment and related information to your vendors 24x7x365 without calls and emails to your AP operations. Vendors can also submit invoices, launch disputes, receive PO’s, participate in dynamic discounting and more through your vendor self-service portal.

Business Process Automation

ICG’s secure cloud based solutions enable automation of manual, labor-intensive processes such as Accounts Payable (AP), Accounts Receivable (AR), Procurement and other applications with the use of workflow management, AI assisted data capture (OCR), portals and other advanced technologies.

Vendor Onboarding & Admin

Secure vendor portal based solution that allows you to collect, track and validate the critical data and documents needed to onboard new vendors and ensure they stay in compliance throughout the relationship. ICG’s Onboarding portals can also help you to track expirations and manage vendor diversity participation.

Data Capture & Assembly

Aggregate incoming invoice from multiple sources and in different formats then parse out individual invoices from invoice files sent by your vendors. We then apply our AI assisted OCR technology and other electronic data capture tools to provide a high level of accurate data for your AP processing solution without the need for data entry or expensive OCR cleanup.

Vendor Self Service Portals

Reduce Manual Tasks Associated With Vendor Transactions

AP & Finance

  • Invoice Submit
  • Payment Inquiry
  • Dispute Submission
  • Dispute Tracking
  • Dynamic Discounting

Procurement, Risk & AP

  • Vendor Onboarding
  • Vendor Maintenance
  • Diversity
  • Compliance
  • Insurance Tracking

Procure & Purchasing

  • RFx Dispatch
  • RFx Updates
  • PO Dispatch
  • PO Updates
  • Order Tracking

ICG’s Vendor Portals enable a self-service environment to move labor intensive, vendor focused transactions back to the vendor.

24 x 7 x 365 access allows vendors to get the information they need, when they need it. You designate which data and documents to share to reduce or eliminate the need for calls and emails to your operation.

Our Vendor Self Service Solutions

Who Is ICG?

We are financial back office software experts,
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Complex real-business solutions are our specialty.

New features and updates are built and deployed in days, not months.

For state of the art security and ease of ownership we offer both single tenant and multi tenant cloud solutions.

Intelligent business processes that do the work for you, with smart automated routing.

Our Software Solutions Are Configured To Fit Your Business and All the Information You Handle

Ditch the “one size fits all” – our flexible software suite works with the way you do business!

It started with a lobster…
The five star chef rejected the seafood delivery on Tuesday and had to race to create a substitute menu. The hotel manager now had to submit the rejection notice to the Distribution Company, and quickly source and procure the replacement ingredients on the next available truck. A rush order had to be placed in the middle of the night.

The transportation company (hired by the Distribution Company) now had a crate of cancelled crustaceans taking up space on the truck, which would have to be returned to cold storage before other pickups could be made. The company dispatch had to be notified, and arrangements made with the point of origin to either return or dispose of the cargo.

The Distribution company then had to handle the claim with the Seafood Processing Company, and also interface with the third party refrigerated truck who was hired to pick up the lobsters and bring them to the main warehouse (and whose refrigeration was broken that day).

The Final Tally: 6 invoices, 5 exceptions, $1,500 displaced inventory, and 2 vendor communications.  Imagine this happening 100’s of times per day!  ICG’s workflow and portal-based solutions can help you to streamline supplier transactions with minimal intervention via automated processes and real time collaboration!

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With ICG’s Data Capture Solutions
using advanced AI, incoming documents
turn into actionable data for your organization.

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Since 1990 ICG has been a trusted provider to medium and large sized businesses in logistics, food service, distribution, manufacturing, retail, energy, hospitality, gaming, and more.

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