Quickly Transition Your Team To Remote

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ERP & System Integration

  • Direct Integration
    Integration to target system(s). Push/pull data to/from target system(s). Real time data presented.
  • Data Store/Data Warehouse
    Push/pull data from to/from data store/warehouse. Near real time data presented.
  • File Feed
    Pull formatted file from designated location or service. Push data back for upload into target system(s). Near real time or longer term data presented depending on frequency of file feed from target systems.

Upgrade Your Applications Without Changing Your ERP Platform

Perfectly happy with your current ERP software but have some “functionality gaps”? Don’t want to spend for expensive customizations to your ERP applications? That’s why ICG’s solutions are not dependent on what ERP you are using – our systems integrate with virtually all ERP and line of business systems. And if you do change platforms, our solutions will continue to operate with your new environment without an expensive rewrite or major upgrade.

ICG Has Tools You Need that Integrate With Your Back-end Systems

  • ERP, Accounting & Financial
  • Master Data Management
  • Inventory & Materials Management
  • Enterprise Content Management
  • Data & Document Storage
  • Case & Contract Management
  • Data & Document Capture & OCR
  • Procurement
  • Supply Chain
  • Vendor & Supplier Portals

Stay With Your Preferred ERP Platform

Smart solutions that build on what’s already working for you.

Growth and ROI without the headache of burning it all to the ground and starting over. We’ll focus instead on your true areas of opportunity.

ICG Is ERP Agnostic

We are a technology-independent company, which means that we take an agnostic approach when it comes to your back-end systems. Each of our customers have their own set of back-end financial, line of business, and related ERP systems in place, and we interface our value added solutions with each one. Our ERP-agnostic method allows us to move faster for you and is designed to work with minimal or zero customization required.

The ICG Approach Is Different

Unfortunately, many solution providers focus on one platform (i.e. SAP, Oracle, Infinium, etc.) and design all of their offerings around that platform. We take a 180-degree approach and build smarter tools that don’t require our clients to throw away what they like and use everyday. ICG’s cloud-hosted solutions work with whatever platform you have today or tomorrow! So whether you are looking to implement a vendor portal, vendor onboarding, accounts payable automation, PO dispatch and update, dynamic discounting, workflow management (BPM), AI assisted data capture, OCR or many other back-office solutions to fill the gaps in your current platform, ICG can help.

We’ve Refined Our Methods Over Many Years

Our process did not develop in a vacuum – it is the result of observing our customers and their painful upgrade/platform transitions over the years. As technology moves forward, we started to ask “Why?” If you are going to make a big leap, there ought to be something really good at the other end.

There is no need to start all over and learn new technologies or solutions if they only address the same issues as before. For that reason we build our tools to compliment your ERP platform and back-end systems by filling in the gaps and extending the value of those systems. And all of this without expensive and time consuming customizations to your legacy applications.

ICG’s solutions will adapt to technologies as they change, which further reduces compatibility problems down the road. It will be your choice to upgrade, replace, or maintain ERP platform versions, the only thing that needs to change is our interface that talks to your software.  

The result is that your users will continue to do their jobs without any additional training. There will be no big changeover, no software growing pains, and most importantly no large bill for ERP customizations!