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The Remote Workforce

Is Your Financial Back-Office Ready?

The pandemic brought about many changes, some of these changes were temporary and faded as the pandemic faded. However, other aspects of our professional lives have changed for the long term. Nowhere is that being felt more than how people in the workforce are deployed. The pre-pandemic workforce saw a trend towards a more decentralized remote model. While this trend represented a small piece of the overall pie, certain functional areas like financial back-office were generally exempt from this trend. But that is changing rapidly as companies have been forced to adapt to a greater number of resources working remotely. What many companies have now realized is that the low cost, low overhead model of a remote workforce is here to stay for many companies and workers.

One functional area that had to quickly adapt to a remote workforce model that was not planned has been the financial back-office. Since many of these functions surround processing activities, companies had to shift those resources and activities out of the controlled, team-centric environment of a shared service center or centralized processing operation, while still being able to manage the performance and productivity of those workers.

Enabling, easily accessible technology is one of the cornerstones of a successful remote workforce. ICG’s AP Automation delivers value, savings, and efficiency. ICG’s cloud hosted Accounts Payable solutions are designed for rapid deployment in a remote processing environment to support business continuity in good time, difficult times and national emergencies. ICG can help your company support remote back-office operations with the following:

  • Process invoices from multiple sources in multiple formats
  • Processing all types of invoices (Expenses/Non-PO, PO, Fixed Assets/Fleet, Construction, Services, Repair & Maintenance, etc.) in one place with one consistent user experience
  • Tracking worker productivity using ICG tracking and reporting tools
  • Handle more work in less time with advanced AP Automation solution

Our cloud-hosted accounts payable and comprehensive procure-to-pay solutions are technology-agnostic and can seamlessly integrate with your current systems and infrastructure. Our goal is to help you create a remote, automated and standardized financial back office system that is optimized for remote and hybrid processing operations and works in conjunction with your existing processes and systems.

Vendor Portals: Platform to Support Remote Workforce

A vendor portal (supplier portal) is a web-based solution that allows you to communicate, collaborate and transact with your vendors in a secure, online environment 24×7. Vendor portals provide a web based platform that allows you to move processes from your centralized operation to remote workers. Learn more about ICG’s vendor portal solutions and how they can support your remote and hybrid applications.

You can also move non-value add research and data gathering functions from your operation back to the suppliers, thereby reducing the burden on your workforce.. Via the vendor portal, your vendors can find the information they need when they need it and submit data and documents to you. Constructed correctly, over 70% of vendor questions can be serviced through the portal instead of through return calls and emails, freeing up time for your resources to focus on value added activities.

  • Perform 24 x 7 payment and dispute inquiries without having to call your vendor service center or their AP contact;
  • Electronically submit invoices for payment, including PO flip, to eliminate the need for a physical mail room activities for AP;
  • Initiate payment and transaction disputes and track the progress of resolutions via the portal;
  • Prospective vendors can easily provide data and documentation electronically via the Vendor Onboarding (Supplier Onboarding) portal;
  • PO Dispatch and Update module allows the vendor to receive POs and Updates via the portal – vendor setup;
  • Participate in workflows to update, communicate and collaborate;
  • Offer vendors a dynamic discounting solution to drive significant economic benefit while strengthening your supply chains.

Security – And all of your financial data and transactions are secure with remote processing using ICG’s solutions! ICG, along with it’s partners Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Sysdig, provides around the clock security protocols, monitoring, and detection & response.

ICG Consulting has helped several of it’s high transaction volume customers adapt to a remote workforce in very short order. Customers like Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores and MGM Resorts International were able to respond to the need to transition to a remote based operation quickly without sacrificing performance, service, or functionality. Utilizing ICG’s cloud hosted back-office solutions, these companies and others clients like Boyd Gaming are positioned well for now and into the future with their low cost, high functioning remote operations.

The Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores Story

Listen to an interview with Misti Holland, Senior Accounts Payable Manager at Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores. Missy discusses the move to remote operations during the pandemic shutdown, and adding flexibility after the re-opening. Visit Love’s website to see what exciting things they are up to lately!

The Boyd Gaming Story

Listen to an interview with Matt Mitchell, Vice President of Financial Shared Services at Boyd Gaming. Matt shares how the pandemic shutdown affected his Accounts Payable operation, the expedited move to effective remote operations, and how ICG Consulting cloud-based solutions made the move possible. Visit Boyd’s website to learn more about Boyd Gaming

If you are looking to initiate or expand your remote back-office operations contact ICG to setup a call to discuss your situation or schedule a demo for your team to see one or more of our comprehensive back-office solutions. Let ICG with our 30 plus years of experience helping world-class organizations be your partner in in this new remote world.

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