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Data Capture & Doc Assembly

Your Data Capture Strategy Matters

In an AP Automation system (our specialty) there are generally four different document & data capture methodologies.

But that’s only part of the data capture equation. Most organizations receive invoices from a variety of different channels and in all kinds of media/formats. 

The key to streamlining your data capture process in your ap automation system is to quickly and efficiently make sense of everything incoming. This means developing a strategy that takes into account all of the different sources and documents you receive, and turns them into something consistent and efficient.

We turn everything incoming into actionable data for your back office. Our data & document capturing tool is designed to accommodate large AP operations who receive a wide variety of invoices/payment demands from multiple sources and in many formats.

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Data Capture & Document Assembly Demo

A cornerstone of true AP Automation is to parse everything your department receives and turn it into one predictable (and actionable) format. Here’s how we do it.

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Document Assembly

Data capture and document assembly process.

Take a look at the Pros and Cons for each data capture option:

Type of Document Capture:Pros:Cons:
Scan/Data EntryLeast costly to implement; ideal for low transaction volumeLabor Intensive
Scan/OCR (Optical Character Recognition)Reduces time costs and effort over manual data entry processesInaccurate data reads can lead to costly QA costs and processing errors
EDIIdeal for larger vendors with standard electronic file formatLimited to larger and/or more IT sophisticated organizations
Electronic Invoice Submission/ Alternate Electronic CaptureIncludes web invoicing and file uploading; ideal for all size AP operations; best cost-benefit ratioMay have limited use for invoices with many line items

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We are experts at data & document capture and can implement scalable strategies that fit your organization. Our flexible data capture and document assembly solutions are designed to fit the way YOU do business and deliver the information you need to the right place.

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