Our Solutions

ICG’s cloud hosted solutions are designed to help you effectively Communicate, Collaborate and Transact with your vendors, partners, and customers.

We provide technology that bridges the gaps between what your people need and your existing enterprise systems – both new and legacy.

Our solution model is to give targeted and specific functionality that compliments your existing technology and plugs any gaps without the need for costly upgrades or expensive customizations.  If your current enterprise system does some but not all of what you’d like it to do, we are the partner for you.

Frequently organizations have many of the things they need – for example you may have a vendor portal or a supplier portal – but can still be missing a key piece of functionality, e.g. vendor onboarding

Back Office Solutions to Communicate, Collaborate, and Transact

We Can Help You:

  • Bridge the functionality gaps with your ERP
  • Automate transaction processing functions
  • Promote a high level of vendor self-service through use of vendor portals and supplier portals
  • Enhanced collaboration between procurement, finance, and operations during the vendor onboarding and supplier onboarding processes
  • Deploy complimentary, targeted functionality
  • Evaluate and improve your current vendor management processes
  • Implement best practices in your back-office operations
  • Manage spend through spend analysis and spend management tools
  • Implementation flexibility with cloud hosted delivery models
  • Encourage communication and collaboration through a vendor portal or supplier portal.

Save time and expense while increasing the value of your systems and operations. We have solutions for deploying only the specific functionality you need, working with your current ERP platform.

Types of Solutions

Vendor Onboarding Solutions

Streamline your entire vendor onboarding process with our comprehensive suite. Your procurement, purchasing, and accounts payable teams will handle more vendors in less time and vendors become increasingly proactive. All other stakeholders in your companies supply chain operations will benefit from the efficiency, visibility, and 24/7/365 nature of this system.

By driving vendor self-service and tracking critical data (including documents for licensing and insurance) our vendor onboarding solution will drive down costs, mitigate risk, and insure compliance from your vendors.

Vendor Portal Solutions

A vendor portal (supplier portal) helps you facilitate online payment inquiry and accept vendor invoices. You’ll be able to collaborate with vendors & suppliers on dispute resolution faster than ever before, and if desired, launch a dynamic discounting program. Portals have a significantly higher satisfaction level for both your company AND your vendors! Our portal solutions are for any industry.

AP Automation

We provide award-winning AP Automation with special expertise in high-volume transactional systems. Increase your company’s bottom line through lower processing costs, faster cycle times and efficient cash management.

Data Capture & Document Assembly

Get all of your records in one consistent digital format, automatically. If you receive invoices and payment related documents in many formats from a variety of channels, it’s time to let our technology systematize that process. PDFs, spreadsheets, paper, electronic files, and more become processed and put into your system without a touch. Anything you receive – be it by mail, email, portals, fax, etc – can be instantly read and routed.

Get away from the labor intensive approach – our solutions insure that all relevant data is captured and sent to the appropriate source for processing. Our Data Capture & Document Assembly Tools are designed to work with all sorts of back-office operations, no matter how customized (or complex) they may be.

BPM Solutions & Workflow

We offer workflows with rapid deployment that can meet the most demanding requirements for your business. Our business process management workflows are built on a robust engine designed to work with real processes of all kinds. There is no need to reinvent the wheel – our BPM solutions are ready to go without the grind (and expense) of a start-from-zero approach.

Workflows will increase the level of automation, reduce errors, and speed up approval/dispute resolution times. They can be deployed in almost any application and are highly customized to you.

Vendor Management Solutions

Our vendor portal based solutions help both procurement & finance to manage many aspects of vendor management. From a transaction and administration perspective you will get new tools to handle:

  • Vendor onboarding
  • Diversity setup, compliance and tracking
  • Vendor information management
  • Risk management
  • Reporting
  • TIN check and W9 and W8 collection
  • Vendor payment inquiry
  • Vendor dispute submission and tracking

… and much more. Read more about the Top 4 Pain Points of Vendor Management.

Solutions as a Service

Our unique SaaS single tenant, cloud based model takes Software-as-a-Service to a whole new level. We offer both the software and fully integrated business solutions in a package, together as a targeted SaaS that addresses your specific needs.

No application, document or data base sharing… you own and have complete access to all of your data and documents 24×7!

Mobile Data Delivery Solutions

Untether your Enterprise Information System: use your company’s mobile devices (phones, tablets, and laptops) as new tools for your business processes. No matter where business happens, we will give you the tools to act whenever (and wherever) your organization requires.

Participate in workflows, access vendor portals, approve payments, view documents and make better decisions 24/7/365.