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The Ultimate Sacrafice

May 27, 2022

From all of us at ICG Consulting, we honor those brave men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country and in name of freedom. We honor you, your families and your service. Thank you!

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Tailor Vendor Portals to Meet Your Needs

One size does not fit all, don’t limit your options. Vendor portals are powerful business tools that can address numerous pain points in your current Accounts Payable operations. Vendor portals can provide a platform for vendor self-service that can have immediate financial and human resource impacts on your organization. But beware, not all vendor portals […]

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Vendor Portal Webinar

Vendor Portals – Functionality to Drive Value ICG Consulting will be hosting a webinar on Thursday, May 19th at 11am PDT/2pm EDT. This webinar will explore the wide range functionality to help you manage Accounts Payable transactions in a vendor self-service environment. We will use client implementations to demonstrate processes for the vendor to inquire […]

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Vendor Onboarding Webinar!

Vendor Onboarding – Streamlining & Automating the Onboarding Process ICG Consulting will be hosting a free webinar on Thursday, May 12th at 11am PDT/2pm EDT. This webinar will explore functionality to help you streamline and automate the vendor onboarding function with an emphasis on buyer side activities. We will use client implementations to demonstrate the […]

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Workflow is key to Process Automation

March 9, 2022

Process automation is an ongoing part of the business landscape in most organizations. Companies are continuously looking for ways to improve internal and external processes to accomplish a number of goals: Increased customer service Smooth out supply chains Reduced internal costs Improved vendor communications/relations Manage cash flow more efficiently Eliminate non-value add tasks Process automation […]

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Vendor Portals drive Vendor Management

Vendor portals (supplier portals) can be a powerful tool in enabling a vendor self-service based vendor management program in your organization. The functionality can provide tremendous benefits to your procurement and purchasing operations as well the finance and accounts payable departments.  By leveraging the flexibility of a supplier portal, or vendor portal, companies can automate […]

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Vendor Management – Now More than Ever!

Vendor management has been getting increased exposure among large businesses lately. Some of that can be attributed to the times we are in and the increased focus on those critical suppliers and vendors in your supply chain. Now more than ever it is critical to manage key vendors by insuring compliance and supporting vendor health. […]

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When In Doubt, Go Full Out!

January 18, 2022

As a software business analyst, it’s a fun job to work along side software developers and test the client applications they develop.  It’s intriguing to help and watch a solution being developed that will eventually be used by a myriad of users in many different locations, performing many unique tasks.  However, there’s a lot to […]

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