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AI Assisted OCR

Your Data Capture Strategy Matters

In an Accounts Payable Automation system (our specialty) there are generally four different document & data capture methodologies that companies use in their data capture process.

But that’s only part of the data capture equation. Most organizations receive invoices from a variety of different channels and in all kinds of media/formats. ICG evaluates your mix of invoice sources, formats, media, quality, and the data required for extraction and configure the solution that will maximize your return-on-investment. ICG’s suite of AP Automation solutions that are used in these data capture configurations include:

  • Scan and Head-Up-Data-Entry
  • Document Assembly (email and PDF files)
  • AI Assisted OCR
  • EDI input
  • Vendor Portals & eInvoice

AI Assisted OCR

The key to streamlining the data capture process in your AI enabled AP automation system is to quickly and efficiently identify incoming documents, separate them into their logical groups and route them to the the appropriate process. For example, a multi-page PO based invoice file in PDF format comes into a designated email box. ICG’s AI assisted Enhanced Invoice Import technology would engage our Document Assembly Tool (DAT – see illustration below) which identifies that file, automatically routes it to the DAT tool where it will separate single from multi-page invoices. From that point the system would automatically route the invoices for AI assisted processing, matching and upload into the financial system for payment utilizing our workflow management system.

Our AI assisted Enhanced Invoice Import technology turns incoming documents and data into actionable data for your back office operation with a minimal touches. Our AI assisted data & document capture tools are designed to accommodate large and medium sized AP operations who receive a wide variety of invoices/payment demands from multiple sources and in many formats.

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Data Capture & Document Assembly Demo

A cornerstone of true AP Automation is to parse everything your department receives and turn it into one predictable (and actionable) format. Here’s how we do it.

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Document Assembly

OCR – AI Assisted Enhanced Invoice Import

ICG has over 30 years experience working with OCR in varying capacities integrating with a variety of solutions with applications ranging from claims processing to accounts payable invoice data extraction.  By far the most experience with this technology is with our clients who are automating their AP invoice processing operations.

With our advanced AI technology, Enhanced Invoice Import and Email Invoice Import the import process becomes effortless and efficient. Gone are the days of painstakingly inputting data manually. Now, you can simply upload your invoice document, and our system will automatically extract the relevant data, presenting it to you for review and submission. This intelligent extraction process saves you valuable time and reduces the risk of human error.

But the benefits don’t stop there. For PO invoices, our system goes above and beyond by validating
the purchase order and comparing it to the invoice lines. This ensures accuracy and helps identify
any inconsistencies between the two, giving you greater confidence in your data.

And if you’re looking for even greater convenience, we offer the optional Quick Drop feature.
Simply drag and drop your invoices directly into the dashboard, and watch as our system
automatically extracts the data and submits the invoice for processing. In case of any unreadable
invoices, you’ll be promptly notified, and the system will flag them for manual review. This saves
you time and effort while ensuring thorough invoice processing.

Unlock the power of AI and take your invoice processing to new heights with our Enhanced Invoice
feature. Say goodbye to manual data entry and embrace a streamlined, error-free workflow.