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US Foods

We assisted US Foods in centralizing their A/P, A/R, and Credit & Collections functions. The net result was a 300% increase in processing workloads without adding any staff. This increase in production was coupled with a marked decrease in cost per transaction (from $4.50 per transaction to under $1.20). Today 70% of their vendor invoices are processed without human intervention and as a result, corporate interest earnings improved by $6-7MM.

It doesn’t end there. After a 300% increase in processing efficiencies across various back-office functions, USF turned its attention on increasing self-service functionality for its 40K+ vendor population. Within one month of launch, 7000 vendors were on-board with an astounding 65% of disputes being entered via the A/P portal instead of through time-consuming phone calls (this will work out to over 700,000 vendor inquiries in this year alone.) As a direct result, the A/P supplier portal we implemented has delivered a 35% improvement in support costs.  Visit US.Foods website and see what they are up to today.

Posted on May 4, 2009