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Vendor Portals

  • Prospective vendors to easily provide vendor onboarding or supplier onboarding information
  • Submit invoices for payment including PO flip for touch-less PO based invoice matching
  • Perform 24 x 7 payment inquiries
  • Initiate and track payment and transaction disputes
  • Participate in workflows to update and correct information
  • Communicate and collaborate with your vendors via the portal

Vendor portals, supplier portals and other on-line vendor management tools are ideal for promoting vendor self-service, resulting in increased efficiently and lower operating costs. Most importantly, vendors have access to the portal 24×7 via secure login

A Vendor Portal Facilitates Vendor Self-service

Move non-value add research and data gathering functions from your operation back to the suppliers. Allow your vendors to find the information they need when they need it, instead of calling your business and having your resources do the work for them.

Expedite and Streamline Dispute Resolution

Vendor portals help facilitate dispute resolutions for supply chain transactions in a collaborative, streamlined environment online. Vendors can easily submit and track the progress of payment disputes on-line.

Show Real-Time Payment Information

Vendors will have the ability to track payments throughout the process and get real-time updates, historical data and associated documents via the portal 24x7x365.  Vendors can also submit invoices and all related information directly into the Vendor Portal, which speeds up the approval and payment process and provides visibility to all stake holders.

Provide Dynamic Discounting

Creating a vendor portal or supplier portal is the first step for launching a dynamic discounting program, which provides incredible savings and cash management capabilities.

Delivery Models

At ICG Consulting, we offer a variety of secure Cloud Hosting options to meet your business, IT and security needs. Our ICG Cloud Hosting can support both a Single-tenant or Multi-tenant model which ICG hosts and manages in the cloud.

Our Cloud-Hosted Solutions

Reduced Internal Resource Demands

Answering call and responding to emails about payments and disputes every month is time consuming and costly. A vendor portal or supplier portal can provide answers to most invoice payment questions in a streamlined, time-efficient vendor self-service environment. In fact, the entire array of a supplier’s transactions and related information can be seen by logging in to the vendor portal.

A Vendor Portal That Supports Your Business Workflow

  • Participate in a dynamic discounting program
  • Remain in compliance by renewing expiring insurance certificates, licenses, etc
  • Dispatch and update Purchase Orders, or RFP/RFQ/RFI’s
  • Communicate in real time with vendors and suppliers
  • Pass documents back and forth with vendors
  • Provide vendors and buying company with the ability to perform complex searches and build reports.

ICG’s Vendor Portal Features

Vendor management portals are ideal for providing better service, more efficiency, and for less operating expenditures. At ICG, we make sure your vendor portal, or supplier portal, is designed to meet your business process needs. Many different types of information and documents can be included your vendor portal. Vendors can upload data and documents or download information you provide for them. ICG offers vendor management solutions:

  • Electronic Invoice Submission, Web Form or Upload
  • Invoice & Payment Status Inquiries
  • Payment Disputes – Submission & Tracking
    Collaborative Issue Resolution
  • Vendor Onboarding & Administration
    Applications, documents, renewals, licenses, etc.
  • Two-way Collaboration between Vendors & Businesses
    Including disputes, rebates, refunds, messaging, uploading and downloading documents, etc.
  • Procurement Functions 
    Dispatching and updating RFQ/RFP’s, Purchase Orders, and all related actions and changes
  • Dynamic Discounting
  • AP Automation