PO Dispatch & Update Can Help Insure On-Time Delivery

Cloud hosted and portal based PO Dispatch & Update solutions can help insure that your suppliers receive, acknowledge and respond to the purchase orders your company sends them. In many companies time is of the essence for suppliers to fulfill a purchase order by shipping or delivering the procured product or service in a timely manner. Failure to do so can cause down time, additional cost, delays, and other consequences for your business and your customers. Having the piece of mind knowing that your suppliers have received and acknowledged your purchase order is an important first step.

In many industries, especially for specific products, services, or commodities, it is critical for a smooth running supply chain operation that not only does the supplier acknowledge receipt of the PO and acceptance to fulfill it, but provide on time updates. Any departure from requested products, quantities, ship dates, ship times, methods, etc. that will have an impact on your operation need to be communicated and updated information provided. ICG’s PO Update solution is a highly configurable application that lets you be proactive in requiring your suppliers to provide updates for critical shipments and communicate either status quo or any deviations in a timely manner. By taking this proactive approach you can better manage your critical supply chains and avoid costly delays and last minute surprises.

These solutions can be implemented as a module on a vendor portal or supplier portal and provide real time communication and transaction between you and your vendor 24×7. Through integration with your ERP and other Supply Chain systems we can provide up to date information to and from your suppliers.

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Posted on October 29, 2019