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PO Dispatch & Update Can Help Insure On-Time Delivery

ICG’s PO Dispatch & Update solution delivers value, savings, and efficiency and is designed for rapid deployment in a centralized or remote processing environment to support smooth running supply chains. Cloud hosted and portal based, ICG’s PO Dispatch & Update solution automates the delivery of purchase orders to your suppliers and can help insure that your suppliers receive, acknowledge and respond to those purchase orders your company sends them. The solution employs timers so that PO’s don’t get caught in someones email box while they are on vacation or lost in the thousands of emails we receive. Escalations are put in place based on the buying companies process that will notify both internal and supplier contacts if there is inaction on a PO for a set period of time. In many companies time is of the essence for suppliers to fulfill a purchase order by shipping or delivering the procured product or service in a timely manner. Failure to do so can cause down time, additional cost, delays, and other down stream consequences for your business and your customers. Having the piece of mind knowing that your suppliers have received and acknowledged your purchase order is an important first step.

In many industries, especially for specific products, services, or commodities, it is critical for a smooth running supply chain operation that the supplier acknowledge receipt of the PO and acceptance to fulfill it> It is also critical in many scenarios to require the supplier to provide real time updates. Any departure from requested products, quantities, ship dates, ship times, methods, etc., that will have an impact on your operation need to be communicated as soon as possible and updated information provided. ICG’s PO Dispatch & Update solution is a highly configurable application that enables you to be proactive in requiring selected suppliers for specific purchase orders to provide updates for critical shipments and communicate either status quo or any deviations in a timely manner. By taking this proactive approach you can better manage your critical supply chains and avoid costly delays and last minute surprises. ICG’s solution even provides the capability for the buying organization to request updates on specific line items within the PO.

There is no reason for your procurement department or field operations to be caught off guard by a late delivery, product shortage or other conditions that will negatively impact time sensitive operations. Keep your supply chains running smoothly and predictably by eliminating any uncertainty of your suppliers fulfilling purchase orders under the time frames and terms negotiated without advanced notice of any deviations.

This dynamic, cloud hosted solution can be implemented as a module on a vendor portal or supplier portal or be deployed as a stand-alone application. Real time communication and transaction updates between you and your vendor 24×7. Through integration with your ERP and other Supply Chain systems, suppliers can provide up to date information that you can react to.

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