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Are you Ready for 2022?

As we head closer to 2022 the new year promises a time of continued challenges and lots of opportunity. With the emergence and wider adoption of new information management technologies like Blockchain, Robotic Process Automation, Big Data or IOT, companies have more options for managing actionable data than ever before. While these technologies may not seem new to many, like other technologies before, its adoption tends to be quicker in very large, mega cap companies with large, mature IT organizations and much slower to adoption in other large and medium size organizations. These new data management technologies are still fairly new they have not yet reached that critical mass of adoption to considered mainstream.

Technology based solutions that started to reach critical mass in the past few years will continue to flourish and see greater adoption rates into the 2022 and well beyond. Among the solutions that should continue to see rapid adoption in 2022 include Cloud Hosted vendor management and vendor self-service solutions such as Vendor Portal and Supplier Portal; Vendor Onboarding and Supplier Onboarding; Data Capture & Document Assembly; PO Dispatch & Update and Dynamic Discounting solutions to name a few. Of course traditional, more widely adopted business process solutions will continue to play a big role as they deliver tremendous business value and benefits to IT as they move into a cloud hosted implementation model. These technologies include AP Automation; Workflow; ERP Integration; and Document Capture.

Perhaps the most significant change we have seen in the past couple years, which will remain a large factor, is how companies proceed as they move forward with all the change and labor disruptions as the result of the pandemic. We have seen many companies, including the majority of our clients with large back-office processing operations move to either a full blown remote operations, or in many cases, a hybrid remote model. ICG’s business process solutions, like those listed above, have been adopted to facilitate remote workforce operations. Take a few minutes and listed to interviews with a couple of industry leaders and how they adopted their organizations to a remote workforce when they, like you, were blindsided by the effects of the pandemic. You can find these interviews on the Remote Workforce page of our website or listen to our webinar on Remote Workforce which features these two leaders discussing their situations and how they have move forward better than ever

Whatever technologies best fit your organization, ICG can help you with our comprehensive suite of business process solutions. Contact ICG for more information or click here to request a demo of the solution that interests you. Have a prosperous New Year and we hope to hear from you all!